Rally - Help finding web link info variable for Rally records so we can change the URL


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Our Rally records contain a WebLink field that directs to a ServiceNow record. We are moving ServinceNow to a different hosting domain and so the URLs will need to be updated for the WebLink field for each of our existing Rally records to maintain data integrity.  We are considering doing this using the API but can't find the information for Web Links.




Release : 1.0



If you are only wanting the API information for Web Links, it can be found in the WebLinkDefinition in the API.

GET JSON https://us1.rallydev.com/slm/webservice/v2.0/weblinkdefinition/ObjectID

It is possible to change that URL using the UI instead of the API by changing the URL in the WebLink field.

It can be changed in the field configuration screen.  That updated URL will change for each value that has been entered into that field.  It will be necessary to refresh your browser window to see the new URL.

For instance, If that field was created for a defect:

If that field in a defect has a value of 10 AND if the WebLink field link is: https://microsoft.com${id}

The URL will be: https://microsoft.com10

If you change the URL for the WebLink field value to: https://google.com${id} the url that will be used when that field has an entry in it will be https://google.com10