EEM Policies Setup for WAAE- migration from native security
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EEM Policies Setup for WAAE- migration from native security


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CA Workload Automation AE


I would like to simplify migration from native security Autosys to EEM,

Can I set up the same structure Policies as WCC using Dynamic Group and existing by default -  Administrator (Autosys Admin), Schedulers, Operators, Developer, Commander with role standard permissions

Can I create Dynamic User Groups using Global LDAP groups for such roles.

Or if we can move/migrate from WCC or create standard role groups, such Groups as existing in WCC,  Scheduler, Commander, Operator, Administrator, Developer.





Release : 3.1

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


Yes, you can create dynamic user group policies in your WorkloadAutomatioAE application in EEM
and then use them in a similiar manner to the way they are implemented in WCC.
Meaning after you create the dynamic user group policies then you create grant policies for the other policy types... like as-job and as-machine etc...
In the selected identities section instead of granting access to individual users you can specify the dynamic user group, which your user would be a members of (based on the Dynamic user group policy.)

Create a new Dynamic user group policy.
Name: Bedrock-DUG-policy
Type: Access policy
Selected identities: [Global Group] Flintstone
Resource: Bedrock
Actions: [All Actions]

Now any user that is a member of my global group "Flintstone" will automatically be a member of the dynamic user group named "Bedrock".

And in the as-job policies in the selected identities we can specify the Dynamic user group Bedrock when granting access rather than listing out Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, Dino, etc...