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CA View - Having a Latency/Response Time Problem with CA View When Searching for Reports


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We are experiencing latency/response time problems, occasionally, with CA View when searching for reports through the ISPF panels using a REXX Exec to perform this function.

I have asked our Capacity Planning team to possibly provide suggestions, since I do not know how what kind of priority the AJSTC SRVCLASS we are using is getting.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


With all requests, it would depend on how much criteria is being used as to how long the requests could take.
The broader the criteria, the longer the response.

End-users should always be encouraged to refine the search as much as possible, so that the least amount of resources is required.

If the ISPF interface is used, then there is the additional possible limitation of the priority and resources available in a user's TSO address space.

The interfaces that are used via XMS (CICS and VTAM, for example) would be different in that they would be done through the XMS task, which can be granted a certain priority and could have a REGION assigned.

Plus, there can be multiple XMS tasks, where signons would just roll from one task to another when one fills based on the number of users signed in.