Vertica SSH User Access Rights
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Vertica SSH User Access Rights


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CA Infrastructure Management DX NetOps


In our environment there are limitations on the ability to configure or utilize Passwordless SSH.
The install owner, the dradmin named OS user (dradmin is the default name) is a user to which standard users can switch via sudo. This account has no rights to use Passwordless SSH to connect to other nodes in the Vertica Data Repository Cluster.

The environment would allow for Passwordless SSH for a DB user that using an OS user capable of being accessed by other users.
How can we set up a configuration like this in the DX NetOps Performance Management Data Repository Vertica database?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Environmental security limitations


This is an Enhancement Request. It has been submitted to Vertica support who are working with their engineering team to develop a solution that would resolve this.

The solution would be added to a future Vertica release that is yet to be determined.

When that release of Vertica is available with the new feature the DX NetOps Performance Management engineering team will at that time consider an upgrade to the version of the Vertica database in use.

Additional Information

NOTE: At this time a break in the Vertica FIPS functionality prevents an upgrade to the Vertica release used in the DX NetOps Performance Management Data Repository Vertica database. Due a number of customers utilizing that functionality, until a solution is available in a newer Vertica release, the Vertica version will not be updated. At the time of this being written on 2021-01-22 there is no fix for the FIPS issue in the latest Vertica releases.

This article will be updated as new information becomes available.