SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval gets EDC5111I Permission denied


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CA ACF2 CA Top Secret CA Common Services for z/OS


Running SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval job program GIMSMP getting:

request type="submitUpdateOrderRequest" textinv="/tmp/SMPE2021021151403835337/inventory" content="all" waitTime="40" EDC5111I Permission denied.                

smpeCC:09 smpeRoutine:GIMJVREQ smpeMsgLen:0000000053 EDC5111I Permission denied.


The EDC5111I Permission denied can be caused by an resource authorization check for Resource Class SERVAUTH resource EZB.STACKACCESS.sysid.TCPIP access request READ. Check the SMP/E joblog, console log and ESM(ACF2, Top Secret, RACF) resource security reports for details on the validation failure.

To address the error write the appropriate TSS/RACF PERMIT or the ACF2 rule.