ESF4213 JNI CallStaticIntMethod failed with RC=10      


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CA Spool


Error starting the Java Transformers started task:

ESF4213 JNI CallStaticIntMethod failed with RC=10                     
ESF4209 Initialization failed. Correct above problems and restart FSS 




Possible causes for this RC=10 according to the CA Spool documentation:

10 -- Processing ended prematurely. An XML syntax error exists in *.d2eproj, *.d2emfct, or *.d2esys. For example, an XML construct is not closed properly, or a comment exists inside an XML construct.
This error can also occur if the Java FSS task does not have the authority to read and write to the USS directories in CE0CPARM(CAIQENVA). No information appears in D2ELOG or in system.log.

In this particular situation the problem was that the system.log file was in a read-only directory.

The location of this file is setup in the config file.



Release : 12.0 14.0

Component : CA Spool


Edit the config file to define the system.log in a directory where the userid of the Java Transformer started task has update access.

The config file is pointed by the variable CONFIG of the DD STDENV of the Java Transformer started task:


Inside this file there is this statement:


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