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In ACF2, if an ID is assigned a temporary password, assuming PSWD record has PSWDFRC, does the ID get suspended if it is not used?


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Creating a list of ID's and assigning them an initial password.  Have the PSWDFRC option on so the user has to change the password at first login.  If the first time the ID is initially used is after an extended period of time, will ACF2 not allow the initial password to be used?

Example:  ID SY512 is created with password FRED1234.  The ID is assigned to a person but that person goes on medical leave for 30 days.  When the person returns, will ACF2 still honor the password FRED1234 for the ID SY512?  Or will ACF2 SUSPEND the ID due to non-usage after that many days? (or any other time frame).

After reviewing the manuals and couldn't find an option or statement that stated if an ID assigned a temporary password ever gets suspended for initial non-usage.




Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


There is no limit to how long the temporary password is active. The password would be active until the user does a logon.