adaptershim log file not getting generated on Policy server box


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CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort)


When we try to access the protected resource we see the SHIM library is getting loaded but the adaptershim.log file at ARCOT_HOME/logs is not getting generated.






Release : 8.1

Component : AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)


Here are the few reasons which can cause the log file not to generate.

1. The user who starts the Policy server does not have access to the ARCOT_HOME/logs directory to write the logs.

2. Specify the absolute path for parameter Param1=LOG_FILE_NAME=ARCOT_HOME/logs/arcotadaptershim.log in adaptershim.ini and specify the path where Policy server is writing logs and check if that works.

3. In adaptershim.ini file Look for ParamSupported=3 and make sure that there are 3 Param1/2/3 configured else log file will not be generated. If any of the parameters are duplicate for Param1/2/3 that will also cause this issue because now there are 4 Param but it is configured to only have 3 parameters. Here is the section of the adaptershim.ini file I am referencing.

# "ParamSupported" property specifies the count of parameters to pass to the
# logging object. This will depend on the specific logging object and what
# it needs to know.

# Param<M> specifies a parameter in name=value format.

# "LOG_FILE_NAME" specifies the name of the log file. You can provide a complete
# path or a relative path with ARCOT_HOME. In the later case, ARCOT_HOME will be
# substituted with the installation directory that is fetched from the environment
# variable. For example, for Win32 "LOG_FILE_NAME=D:\My Documents\arcotadaptershim.log"
# or for Unix "LOG_FILE_NAME=/usr/spool/logs/arcotadaptershim.log"

# LOG_FILE_NAME is for the ArcotLog2File logger. You can change the
# location and names of the log file by updating this value.

# "LOG_FILE_ROLLOVER_INTERVAL" property specifies how often you want the log file to
# rollover to the backup file. The values recognized are HOURLY, DAILY,
# WEEKLY, and MONTHLY. DAILY results in the file rolling over when the first
# log message is received after midnight. The time check is
# based on the logged time. By default, the local time zone is used for
# logging.

# "MAX_LOG_FILE_SIZE" property indicates the maximum size of the log file.
# When the log file reaches the maximum size, then it rolled over to backup file.
# The log file size is expressed in bytes. The default value is 10000000 (10MB).
# If this is set to 0, the log file will never be rolled over
# and will continue to grow indefinitely.

# "BACKUP_LOG_FILE_LOCATION" property indicates the directory where the log
# files are rolled over to. This directory must already exist
# and have permissions allowing the State Manager to create files in it.

4. Please ensure that the ARCOT_HOME/logs have backup directory in it and if for some reason it was deleted please create with correct privileges.