Improper LANG variable value can cause startup issues with Gen Tuxedo servers and data corruption using the TE as a WebService


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CA Gen - Run Time Distributed


TUXEDO environment:
When starting the TUXEDO Bulletin Board on a Linux OS, if the LANG environment variable is set improperly users will see that some of the GEN load modules do not start. Users may see errors like the following:

CMDTUX_CAT:819 INFO: Process id=<pid> Assume started (pipe).

Transaction Enabler environment:
If the Transaction Enabler (TE) is accessed as a WebService, an improperly set LANG variable could cause data corruption. Some DBCS characters could be converted to a '?' character.


If the LANG environment variable is set to en_US.UTF8 but the actual system locale is en_US.ut8, then there is a potential for the problem to occur.


Release : 8.6

Component : CA Gen Run Time Distributed


The LANG variable must match a known locale available on the Linux system and must be set exactly using the same case. Users can execute the command 'locale -a' to obtain a list of the locales available on the system.