Endevor AUTOGEN recompile not including Statically called Cobol programs
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Endevor AUTOGEN recompile not including Statically called Cobol programs


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All the modules are stored  and tracked by Endevor.  SUB1, SUB2, and SUB3 are compiled and then linked using NCAL. Which does not show any input components for the modules when displaying component list in Endevor.  All 3 are statically called from PGM1 and PGGM1 is not compiled with NCAL. Shows SUB1, SUB2 and SUB3 as part of the displayed input component list.  SUB1 is also statically called from SUB2 and SUB3.  SUB1 is now changed/compiled/linked with Autogen turned on. It is expected that Autogen would pull in SUB2, SUB3, and PGM1 to be re-generated. As SUB1 is not stored as input components  for both SUB2 and SUB3. SUB2 and SUB3 will not be re-generated. PGM1 has SUB1,SUB2 and SUB3 stored as input components.  PGM1 will be  regenerated with autogen turned on.




Release : 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


PGM1 has the static calls for all (SUB1,2,3). It's linked with out NCAL. So then all external references would be resolved. So the static called programs would be added to the link.

SUB1,2 and 3 are all linked with NCAL. So when the link happens with no external references are resolved. As in this case SUB2 and SUB3 will not be added to the link of  program SUB1. The static call from SUB2 and SUB3 would read SUB1 at execution time(on the first call). 

Endevor is working as it should. If a change is done to SUB1 it will not impact SUB2 and SUB3. As the new version is read from the loadlib at execution time.




No Changes:

Currently when SUB1 is changed with Autogen,  PGM1 must be generated. SUB2 and SUB3 do not have to be generated to pick up changes in SUB1 as a new version would be read in at execution time. 

Remove NCAL:

Alternately SUB2 and SUB3 can be linked with out the NCAL.  SUB1 and all other external references would be included in the link and footprint. So changes to SUB1 would require a generate of SUB2, SUB3 and PGM1. 

Add INCLUDE in Link Cards:

The link for SUB2 and SUB3 can also be changed. This can be at the first link or in a relink. In DD SYSLIN add INCLUDE SYSLIB(SUB1). This will override the NCAL and add this external reference only for SUB1. Any changes to SUB1 would require a generate of both SUB2 and SUB3. This would change the CALL to SUB1 to truly be static.