How to remove CABI from the Primary Hub


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DX Infrastructure Management


Procedure to remove cabi from the Primary hub.


Release : 20.3.2


cabi: 4.30
wasp: 20.30
Robot: 9.32
Jaspersoft: 7 


How to remove cabi from the Primary Hub

If CABI is installed on the UIM or UMP server, you can delete the cabijs webapp in the wasp probe through the Probe utility.

1. Stop the cabi probe on the cabi robot

2. Go to the Primary hub system in IM or AC, stop the wasp and follow the below steps to delete the cabijs webapp in the wasp probe through the Probe utility.
   - Select the wasp probe
   - Press Ctrl-P to open the probe utility
   - select the callback-> remove_webapp
   - provide the name of the webapp-> cabijs
   - Press the green arrow to execute the callback
   - Check the result to make sure the callback was successful
3. Login to the Primary hub machine and delete the cabijs webapp folder (if it has been left behind as an artifact in the Primary hub wasp directory). found here: Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp

4. Login to your database server, copy and execute the command/query specified at the following path: Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi\config\scripts\drop_tables\1.2\sqlserver

    - oracle or mysql drop scripts are also present within that folder

5. Delete the cabi probe via IM or the Admin Console

6. Delete the cabi and c folders from the cabi Robot: 

- \Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi
- \Nimsoft\c