Spectrumgtw - UIM Hosts not Synchronized to Spectrum
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Spectrumgtw - UIM Hosts not Synchronized to Spectrum


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CA Spectrum DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Not all Host models that appear in the Unified Infrastructure Management Operator Console are synchronized to Spectrum when
   only using the Host Synchronization. (VMware Sync is disabled)


Release : Spectrum 20.2.x (10.4.x)
                UIM 20.3.x
                Spectrumgtw 8.68

Component : Spectrum Integrations


There are a few possible causes for the hosts to not be synchronized.

1. A UIM Group Name was specified for the Host Sync and the Host(s) in question are not a part of this group

The following NISAPI query can be run against UIM's UMP/OC server to retrieve a list of hosts along with their properties. This is the same query used by the Spectrumgtw when performing the Host Sync.


Note: If a UIM Host Group is specified this can be added to the query


user: Spectrum!NMS
pwd: welcome!spectrum

The query can be run from a Web Browser, Curl, or a Rest Client such as PostMan.

2. Multi-Tenancy Support is enabled and the Origin-Landscape mapping is not defined

3. The Host(s) in question are Virtual Machines and have been Identified as being VMware Virtual Machines.

  By default, the Host Synchronization will filter out Hosts that have been identified as belonging to VMware so as
    to not duplicate the models when the VMware Sync runs.

In the NISAPI query entry below we can see the Host is present in the output, has a Role of Host, and has the VirtualizationEnvironment ket set to "VMware". This means
   that the Host Sync will filter it out by default.




To configure the Spectrumgtw Host Sync to pass VMware VirtualMachines

Use Raw Configuration to change the Host Filtering section in the Spectrumgtw configuration

Set the highlighted attributes as follows

IncludeVM = true
FilterVMwareEntities = false

If the VMware Synchronization is enabled and these values are changed it is possible that the hosts will duplicated in synchronization.