After Upgrade from 14.1 CP5 to 14.3 - Office365 correlation does not work


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After Upgrade from 14.1 CP5 to 14.3 - Office 365 correlation does not work

Account name returned by O365 connector after upgrade has a form of [email protected]

Before upgrade it was just username

Correlation process no longer associates existing users with O365 accounts. Instead it associates all O365 accounts with [default user]


Office 365 connector behavior changed post 14.1 CP5, because new functionality was added.


Release : 14.1 CP6 and later, 14.2, 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


After connector code has changed, it is no longer possible to correlated against account name.

Another attribute has to be used for correlation.

One possible solution is to use email address to correlate:

This, however, may not be possible if the primary email address of a global user has a different value than account name in O365.

The DE489305 fix (available past 14.3 CP2) adds a new attribute 'Logon Name', which return exactly the same value as in eTDYNAccounName in 14.1 CP5 and earlier connector. This is how to configure correlation attribute for DE489305: