Controlling Vendor Certification Priority Order in DX NetOps Performance Management


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Devices are using a Vendor Certification that isn't providing as much data as we would like.

We found another Vendor Certification that would provide more metrics and more accurate data.

How can we get the Device to discover and support the other Vendor Certification?

For example all our Blue Coat Proxy devices are SG-200 models. They are currently showing support for the "Blue Coat Proxy Server Memory" and "Blue Coat SG Proxy Server CPU" Vendor Certifications.

There are "Blue Coat SG Proxy Server Memory" and "Blue Coat SG Proxy Server CPU" Vendor Certifications available that are a better fit. How can we make the device use these instead?


The currently supported Vendor Certification is higher than the desired one in the Metric Families Vendor Certification Priority Order.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


To resolve this we need to change the Vendor Certification Priority Order. Using the Blue Coat Proxy Vendor Certifications as an example we see them set in the following order from an r20.2.4 Support Lab.

To modify the order so the SG labeled Vendor Certification is used:

  1. Go to Administration->Data Sources->Data Aggregator.
  2. Under Monitoring Configuration on the left side menu select Metric Families.
  3. Select the Metric Family involved. In the sample above it's the Memory Metric Family.
  4. With the appropriate Metric Family selected choose the Vendor Certification Priorities tab.
  5. Select the Manage button.
  6. Using the Arrows move the target Vendor Certification to a position above (lower number in the order means a higher position) the one currently in use.
    1. In the example above we moved the "Blue Coat SG Proxy Memory" VC in position 95 to position 72.
    2. This results in "Blue Coat SG Proxy Memory" taking position 72 and the "Blue Coat Proxy Server Memory" shifts back to position 73.
  7. Save the changes, they are applied at that time.
  8. When the Metric Family is updated via it's Discovery and it completes, affected devices should now show the different Vendor Certification as Supported.

Additional Information

This action and similar ones are detailed in the Manage Vendor Certification Priorities documentation.

This specific action is on that page in the Prioritize the Vendor Certification Within the Metric Family section.