Cannot put user on HOLD
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Cannot put user on HOLD


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VM:Secure for z/VM


We have a user who is no longer with us and I need to put the user on HOLD and then finally our automation will delete it.

However the user is enrolled as a MANAGER and SFSMGR. I cannot seem to figure out which SFS he is the manager for and what the following message means.

How do I find out  what allocations.

VMXSFS7230E Unable to delete Manager PM1234S because it still has allocations in at least one file pool.                                                       



Release : 3.2

Component : CA VM:Secure for z/VM


Hopefully reviewing the information in:

Define SFS Administrators and Managers

and in particular this section:

Deleting an SFS Manager


Will give you the information you need to remove the ID from the SFS managers, then allow you to place the ID on HOLD.


Sometimes a "re-sync" is needed to get the SFS information correctly updated.


Try following this procedure:

Resynchronizing the Product Configuration of SFS

Hopefully that will reset any erroneous allocations associated with the SFS manager entry for manager.