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Project Scoping / Project Scope


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How do I scope to include parent and child projects


There are 3 ways that project scoping can be altered.

  1. In your Profile, you can set the initial value for project scoping which applies at login.
    1. Click on your Avatar.
    2. Select Edit Profile.
    3. Scroll down and locate Project Scope Up and Project Scope Down Options.
  2. If you use a bookmark or URL that you have saved or was sent to you by another user, the URL contains project scoping parameters.
    1. As an example, the following URL:<PROJECT_OID>ud/defects
    2. The 'u' after the numeric value indicates Scope Up to include parent projects.
    3. The 'd' after the numeric value indicates Scope Down to include child projects.
    4. Using a URL from bookmark or sent to you will immediately reflect the scoping of the URL.
  3. Manually set using the Project scoping in the navigation.

If using personal Navigation:

If you are not using Personal Navigation see below: