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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


We are trying to "Switch Revision" of a Shared Component for an Application, but are unable. We receive the error when clicking the Switch button (after selecting the new revision we want):

Switch Failed, The target revision doesn't contain the following actions/flows: [<action or flow name used in the shared component>].

However, the new revision of the shared component does have the flow with the name reference by the error. 


Screenshot of error:


The problem is related to a procedure followed while updating the new revision of the Shared Component. Specifically, the flow named in the error was copied to <flowname>_NEW. Then, updates were made to the <flowname>_NEW. When the updates were complete, the original <flowname> was deleted and the <flowname>_NEW was renamed to <flowname>. 

This is a problem because this procedure breaks links to the usages of the original flow used in applications. This happens because the product uses a unique UUID to track the usage/locations of actions/flows.


Release : 6.6



Recommended Solution

Directly change the action/flows that you need to change. Make note of the revision that the new version was based on - maybe in the description of the new shared component revision. From the screenshot/example above, revision 1.3's parent revision was 1.2. After you apply the new revision (1.3), test your changes. If a full rollback is necessary then you can rollback to version 1.2 (if needed) while you either tweak the updates to 1.3+ or start a new revision based on the original (1.2). The parent revision is its backup. Using this method ensures you can apply the updated SharedComponents and have the changes made to actions and flows get updated seamlessly. 


Alternative Solution (not recommended)

In the future we recommend to not follow the procedure of copy, modifying the copy, delete the original action/flow because of how the product tracks the use of these actions/flows described above. If you have followed this procedure, cannot create a new revision using the "Recommended Solution" and must use this revision of the Shared Component then you will need to:

  1. remove the references to the deleted action/flow from processes in the application where you want to apply the new SharedComponent revision.
  2. Once those references are removed you can apply the new SharedComponent revision.
  3. Finally, update the processes to use the new action/flow.


To help locate the references that need to be removed you select the action/flow in question and use it's menu option -> "Find Usages". However, keep in mind that if you follow this procedure (of deleting the references to use the new shared component) then you'll need to follow this procedure again if you need to revert the Shared Component to the older revision. 


Additional Information

While trying to switch revision and receiving the "Switch Failed" error, the following log message was observed in the nolio_dm_all.log:

./nolio_dm_all.log: 2021-01-20 17:37:39,743 [http-nio-8080-exec-6] DEBUG (com.nolio.releasecenter.services.internal.impl.ProblemsInternalServiceImpl:52) - Not saving to DB problems without an owner: [RCMessageData{msgCode=MessagesCodes{name=missingBuildingBlock, code=160, messageType=DESIGN, level=ERROR}, args=[[TestFlow_bak]]}]