UIM apmgtw probe keeps reporting the last value
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UIM apmgtw probe keeps reporting the last value


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope)


We are seeing instances where UIM metrics that are no longer valid continue to report in APM (via the apmgtw probe) as a static data value.  We would expect these metrics to stop reporting, then go gray and delete over time.




APM EPAgent and Infrastructure Agent



This problem is related to defect DE530621 (affected jars: EPAgent.jar and UnifiedMonitoringAgent.jar)

This problem will be fixed in Infrastructure Agent SaaS 22.5




Solution: Upgrade to Infrastructure Agent 22.5


If you are using Infrastructure Agent 22.1 - attached a fix

Installation steps:

- Stop Infrastructure Agent

- Move lib/EPAgent.jar and lib/UnifiedMonitoringAgent.jar out of the Infrastructure Agent/lib directory.

- Download, rename and copy to the lib directory the attached EPAgent.jar and UnifiedMonitoringAgent.jar

- Open the <AGENT-HOME>/core/config/IntroscopeAgent.profile

- Add at the end of the file, new property introscope.epagent.config.staleMetricsRemoval.intervalInSec

Set the value to the highest probes interval, for example, if cdm is sending data to apmgtw every 5 minutes, then you would need set introscope.epagent.config.staleMetricsRemoval.intervalInSec=300

- Start the Infrastructure Agent


NOTE: If you are using APM 10.7,  you can configure SaaS Agent to connect to 10.7 APM as below:


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