pids.max value for Layer7 gateway running on Openshift


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CA API Gateway


We are running Layer7 API Gateway v9.4 on Openshift v4.6. Currently,  the pids.max value on openshift is set to 1024 (This value is not ulimit value):

Sometimes the gateway is crashing on the max amount of thread which is limited to 1024. 

is it  normal for the gateway process to run so many threads ?


Release : 9.4 10.x

Component : API GATEWAY


Yes it is normal for the gateway process to run so many threads , each http listener is at least one thread which is also using 1 pid from the max 1024 set . 

If you have set  io.httpCoreConcurrency to  750 means we start with 750 threads for the connections which can be increased to the amount for io.httpmaxConcurrency  on top of that you will have some other  threads which are needed .

if you do not want to increase this pids.max in openshift as this is a global setting  you may consider lowering these values to limit the amount of threads needed by the gateway . 

You can spin up a another gw instance to get the same concurrency if needed.