Service Desk Tomcat/javaw.exe takes 100% CPU when starts
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Service Desk Tomcat/javaw.exe takes 100% CPU when starts


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


One thing Service Desk administrators observe is that when SDM starts, its Tomcat instances/javaw.exe take 100% CPU for certainly period of time. Depending on the machine available memory, this period of time could last 

between 2-3 minutes to 10-15 minutes and in some cases even a little longer. SDM admins may think this is not normal and may be wondering what could go wrong. The techdoc will explain that this is expected and normal behavior. 


Release : 17.3



This is expected and normal behavior.

The reason is the Tomcat instances would need to load a lot of libs/jars into their memory and they would try to grab as much memory as possible which will result in a period that the CPU is at 100% level. The more memory the shorter this period

will last therefore if possible more memory should be added to SDM server(for example, 26 G or 24 G). Also, SDM admins would need to recycle SDM after work hours like midnight or weekend so this won't impact end users.