How to Request the Product Administrator Role to Manage Portfolio License Agreement (PLA) Products
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How to Request the Product Administrator Role to Manage Portfolio License Agreement (PLA) Products


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This article outlines how to become a Product Administrator for managing Portfolio License Agreement (PLA) products.


The PLA (Portfolio License Agreement) Product Administrator (formerly known as the Subscription Manager) plays a crucial role for our valued Broadcom Enterprise PLA customers. Holding the position of a Product Administrator comes with enhanced permissions, granting you the authority manage your PLA products. This includes tasks like creating new SaaS instances, generating license keys, downloading products, collecting usage data, and accessing reports.

Product Administrator Request Workflow

Enterprise users who have a PLA site ID associated with their profile can request the Product Administrator role by following these steps: 

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select your profile and Request Site Access from the drop-down menu. 

  3. Select the Product Administrator tab and click the Update Access button.  

  4. Select which site ID you'd like to request the Product Administrator for and click Save.  

  5. Once approved, the status will change to Approved. 

  6. You'll then have the ability to view and manage your PLA products via the My Entitlements / PLA Entitlements tab.  

Important: If your PLA Site ID has User Administrators assigned to it, they will have 3 business days to either accept or reject your request. If the User Administrator doesn't take action within this timeframe, Broadcom Customer Care will handle the request based on our usual business procedures.

Additional Information

If you need further assistance, contact Broadcom Software Customer Care, or use our Virtual Agent chat in the lower-right corner of the Customer Support website.

If you need more information on PLA Licenses, SaaS product provisioning, or guides, click here My PLA Entitlements Guide