Missing data in JSON Response - API Monitoring (Runscope)
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Missing data in JSON Response - API Monitoring (Runscope)


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An API Monitoring (Runscope) test is making a SOAP request to retrieve data, but the JSON response of the API is missing content for the data.


Release : SAAS



The configured API POST request is not complete (missing headers).


To verify that the API request configured in the API Monitoring test is the same as the SOAP request made outside of the API Monitoring test, the following process can be followed to determine exactly how the API test should be configured:

1. Create a new API Monitoring (Runscope) test which consists of a single "Incoming Request" step.  For details on how to create a test using this test step, see the Incoming Request Step section of the Test Steps article.
2.  Run this test - it will start and wait for an incoming request on the URL for this test.
3.  Make the same request made from the external tool (like SOAPUI) used to get the expected results except replace the SOAP URL with the URL from the Incoming Request step in the test created in step #1.
4.  Review the results of this API Monitoring (Runscope) test to see exactly what the SOAP request looks like (especially the headers) and determine if there is an issue with the request made in the API Monitoring test which is not providing all of the expected information in the JSON body.

Note: Make sure that a Fixed URL is configured for the Request URL used for the Incoming Request step added to the new API Monitoring (Runscope) test created in step #1 in order to capture everything contained in the request made outside of the API Monitoring (Runscope) test where the expected content is returned in the SOAP response body.  Make sure the toggle at the bottom of the step is off (Fixed URL).  By default, this is toggled to the Dynamic URL.  Here is an example from a test set up to use a Fixed URL: