Ignore failed requests in Blazemeter reports
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Ignore failed requests in Blazemeter reports


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Failed transactions may screw up the metrics in Blazemeter reports. Depending on the failure, they may return immediately e.g. when the URL to be tested does not exist. This may significantly affect the overall statistics. Is there a way to exclude failed transactions in Blazemeter reports?


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There is currently no way to ignore failed transactions in the calculation of response times and other metrics, although such an option is planned to be implemented, see https://ideas.blazemeter.com/ideas/WAP-I-438 

As a workaround you might consider including an extra listener (e.g. summary report, aggregate report) and check the successes box:

This will not affect the reports in Blazemeter but will create an extra JTL file with only successful requests. When the test has completed, it can be extracted from the artifacts.zip file, downloadable from the logs tab. 

That jtl file can then be loaded into a JMeter listener or used to create a Blazemeter report from as explained in this Taurus section.

Additional Information

Above workaround applies to a single engine. If the test runs on more than one engine, the jtl files have to be concatenated to reflect the entire test.