How do I know what options I am using in any of the levels of Vision Builder
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How do I know what options I am using in any of the levels of Vision Builder


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Is there a way to list the M4PARAMS(and others) from an earlier version of Vision Builder(13.5) from the load module? I do not have the source and would like to carry forward the old version M4PARAMS(and others) to the new V15 member.



Release : 15.0

Component :  VISION:Builder.


If you no longer have your source for the older release or a previous system that was installed, we recommend reviewing older reports and comparing to new reports. In most cases older report outputs that have been archived still have the banner page that has all the apars applied listed and the Installation Parameters listed. Here is a small snippet of what to look for. (For a more complete example you can review the Vision Builder z/OS Reference Guide page D-6) 

             *    Advantage VISION:Builder for z/OS - Version 15.0   *       
             *                                                       *       
             * (C) 2005 Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) *       
                        Enabled for IBM Language Environment                B
                  Advantage VISION:Builder APARs and PTFs Applied            
                      COMLIB Component APARs and PTFs Applied                

    I N S T A L L A T I O N    P A R A M E T E R S    ( M 4 P A R A M S , M A R K L I B P ) 

SYSTEM DELIMITER:   #           PAGE HEIGHT:        66          M4LIST WIDTH:       132         DEF WIDTH OF PAGE:  0        


The options may be the defaults but you can look at a special option that may be applied. these are designated in the 100 series of APARS listed. In this example the number 125 is a special option that can be applied.

See this apar that is recommended to have applied to release 15.0


Site specific APARs, referred to as RSMs by VISION:Builder,     
must be redone whenever a module is changed or a new release is 
issued. The solution is to source fix the RSMs as optional      
installation parameters. The following RSMs will be made        
available as optional parameters:                               

several options are listed but for this example here is the excerpt from the apar documentation

BL00125 -  RSM 125                                        


For details on setting up the M4PARAMS see the Vision Builder Installation Guide Chapter 5.