Process Monitoring status bar not updating with deactivate


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The numbers at the top of the activities window are not updating when deactivating tasks manually

For example, the bar shows as:
red (abend): 477
yellow (blocking): 4
blue (waiting): 1
green (active): 10
grey (OK): 8

Then when deactivating 400 ENDED_NOT_OK and 1 ENDED_OK, it shows:
red (abend): 478
yellow (blocking): 4
blue (waiting): 1
green (active): 10
grey (OK): 7

The upper left also shows "Top-Level Tasks (500+)"


There are well more than 500 non-deactivated tasks in the activities window


Release : 12.2



The reason that 500 tasks showed up, then 400 were deactivated, but still 500 showed up is that there are well over 900 non-deactivated tasks in the activities window.  A full break down of task and status in a specific client can be seen with the results of:

select eh_status, count(*) from eh where eh_client = [CLIENT] group by eh_status order by eh_status

where [CLIENT] is replaced with an actual client number.  

Every time that a task is manually deactivated, they are actually removed; but because the process monitor is only showing 500 at a time, the activities window then pulls up the next 400 tasks which were also ended not okay or cancelled, so the numbers still add up to 500.

This behavior is normal and running as expected.  Recommendations are to make better use of Deactivate always on the Attributes tab of tasks.  It's also possible to have a higher amount of tasks show at once, although this should be balanced carefully with system performance.  More information can be found here: