Spectrum DataSource with "Deleting" Status
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Spectrum DataSource with "Deleting" Status


Article ID: 206740


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Needs to delete the Spectrum Infrastructure Manager Data Source but the Deleting Status don't change.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


CACP cannot to communicate with Spectrum Server



1. In the CAPC mysql netqosportal database, check to see if items still exist for the data source:

select * from data_sources2 where sourcetype = 65536\G

Get the SourceID of Spectrum with the Deleting Status

2. Check for items with the id of the Spectrum data source (use the sourceid value from the previous query):

select * from ds_items where SourceID = 'x';
select * from dst_device where SourceID = 'x';
select * from dst_component where SourceID = 'x';
select * from t_component where SourceID = 'x';

No items should be found. We don't want to add Spectrum back if all the same items are already there.

3. If no items for Spectrum are found, remove the Spectrum row from data_sources2 table:

delete from data_sources2 where sourcetype = 65536 and sourceid=x;