Messages in processes tab are redirecting to different Project
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Messages in processes tab are redirecting to different Project


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1) Create an attribute "funding" under Cost Plan Object with type - Boolean
2) create subpage "funding", added attribute to subpage
3) Create process based on cost plan added Gel script - Mark the process for auto-starting on updates to the "funding" flag mentioned in Step 1.
4) Mouse hover on to Home icon and Click on Projects under Portfolio Management
5) Click on the project name link to open project
6) Mouse hover on to FINANCIAL PLANS and click on it
7) In Filter click on SHOW ALL button
8) Click on financial plan to open
9) Click on Properties and mouse hover on it, click on Funding
10) Click on the Check box Funding, then click on SAVE button  
11) Now, Mouse hover on to PROCESSES tab and click on it
12) Under Processes, click on Flag symbol under messages
13) Now, click on the RETURN button (then its routing to a different project)

Expected Results:

The "Return" button is not redirecting to a different project. Instead the redirection looses context and displays a page with just "Initiated" as the heading

Actual Results:

It is re-directing to different project.


Instead of clicking on Return Button you can click on Backward button.


Clarity Version - 15.8.1 Patch 1,


DE59412, Under review by Engineering.