CA View - Usage of CA Spool Programs
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CA View - Usage of CA Spool Programs


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We are trying to remove CA Spool. The started task is no longer running, but several CA Spool programs (ESFOPEN, ESFWRIT, ESFCLOS, ESFSTAT) are still being used. 

We are unable to determine who is using them.

We believe it to be CA View because there are several View modules that have eyecatchers to those modules.  

What do those modules do?

Why is CA View calling those modules?

Is there a way to turn that off or do we just delete the modules and View won't care?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


There are some View SARINIT parameters that contain information for use with CA Spool:

. CMAMAX (default of CMAMAX=5000)
. CMASPOOL (no default)
. MAILDEST (no default)
. MAILTO (no default)
. . Setting of MAILTO=ESF sends email to the CMASPOOL destination.
. PRINTTO (default of PRINTTO=JES)
. . Setting of PRINTTO=ESF prints to the CMASPOOL destination.
. . Setting of PRINTTO=ESFJES prints to the CMASPOOL destination.

Even if there are no SARINIT parameters with Spool information, the initialization code for View modules/utilities SARSTC, SARBCH, and SAROLR do conditional loads.
That is to say that if the module is available, it will be loaded. If the module is not available then it will not be loaded.
The loads of programs ESFOPEN, ESFWRITE, and ESFCLOSE are not dependent on a parameter setting.
If the load libraries for Spool are found on a SYSRES volume, the load modules will be loaded.
If there is nothing set for parameter CMASPOOL (no default), it would be possible to remove the CA Spool load library from this system.