IDMS: How to rename a SEGMENT
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IDMS: How to rename a SEGMENT


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IDMS - Database


Is it possible to rename a SEGMENT and if so, how, and what considerations are there?


Release : All supported releases.
Component : CA IDMS


There is no syntax to rename a SEGMENT.

This must be done by CREATEing an exact copy of the segment with the new name and including that in any DMCLs and DBNAMEs which use it.
Note that in the network world, a segment name can also be used by an application program as a DBNAME.
So any programs using the old segment name as a DBNAME will have to be changed to use the new one.

This operation cannot be done for SQL-defined data, because the name of the segment is in the area specified for tables and indexes.
The whole database environment would have to be manually recreated using the new segment names.

Note also in the SQL environment that there must be a copy of the segment in the application catalog.