Notifications are not working with WearOS devices after installation of SEP Mobile on Androird


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


After installation of a SEP Mobile client on Android (non-managed), random applications along with email, calendar apps will not notify WearOS devices


Default SEP Mobile does not allow all WearOS API calls when non-managed. Not yet tested on managed Android devices.


Tested on Android 10 (Samsung Galaxy S10) and WearOS device.

Gmail and Outlook applications failed to notify WearOS device on non-work profile.


In order for all notifications to work with non-MDM managed WearOS devices after SEP install, the admin must whitelist the WearOS application in their domain. Once whitelisted, notifications should work normally.

This may open holes to data loss or transfer from mobile device to WearOS device, so the decision is up to the SEP Mobile administrator's policies.


To whitelist an application in SEP Mobile, see here:


NOTE: This only applies to non-managed Android devices with no work profile. Managed devices or devices with work profiles may introduce other issues; contact Google, phone manufacturer, or your MDM provider if issues occur.