DX Platform diagram and pod names
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DX Platform diagram and pod names


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)



Is there any reference regarding service names listed here https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/dx-platform-on-premise/20-2/installing/reference-information/Deployed-Services-Reference.html and real pod names running on DX platform?

How this can be paired together?



Release : 20.2

Component : APM Agents



This is a non-exhaustive list of pods that have been discovered in installations and their purposes in the installation, in addition to information already provided in the above documentation page


Axaservices-mq: Message Bus for communication between front end and backend servers

Doi-cpa-ng: Backend webserver for capacity predictions based on metrics

Cpaprojection: Calculates metrics projections for capacity analytics

piprojection: Calculates metrics for Predictive Insights forecasts

servicestatemanager: Updates vertex status in TAS based on incoming alarms.

Nass-indexer: Reads metric data from Kafka topic and ingests into Metric Store (NASS) . Used for ingesting OI metric extensions (Anomaly bands, CPA projections) and Service metrics into NASS.

Doi-nginx: Wrapper for Jarvis Ingestion APIs (exposes limited Jarvis APIs and provides backwards compatibility to connectors for payload changes)

Doi-incidentmanagement: backend service for ticket management

Doi-incidentmanagementpollingengine: backend service for cascading  ticket information updates to OI

Doi-integrationgateway: backend service for southbound update to source product 

Doi-nim: Normalized Integration Manager for SDM integration like ServiceNow, Service Desk Manager etc..

Doi-servicemetrics: Calculates Service level metrics

Metrics-metadata: Populates metadata for metrics into metrics_metadata index

Maintenance-service / doi-maintenance: supports maintenance windows in OI

Dxi-readserver: Platform backend API server for authentication, authorization, notification etc

Dxi-notify: Backend server for sending email, slack and webhook notifications 


apm-em: These are Enterprise Manager instances in the new architecture

apm-wv: This is WebView / Team Center server 

apmservices-kafka: Kafka is used across all products as a message bus, it is something from AXA / Jarvis and multiple product features rely on it

axaservices-ng-aggregator - Data aggregation in AXA shows amount of users, app access per month in normal AXA landing page screen, AXA-specific

doi-automic-integration - There is integration with Automic where it would recommend remediation steps.

doi-servicealarm-hazelcast-cluster - Service alarm pod uses embedded version of Hazelcast, the cluster is needed where there could be more than one instance of service alarm to discover it across the OSE/K8S internal network

doi-situations - Main part of Situations feature


dxi-grafana services - part of DX dashboards which contains graphs, reports console etc.

ng-acc services - these make up ACC (Agent Command Center) which allows you to make your own agent packages, has been deployed separately in previous versions

normalized-alarm-hazelcast-cluster - used for communication where there are multiple instances of the same type of pod across the environment