RiskFabric Health dashboards return errors


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Information Centric Analytics


The following out-of-the-box Risk Fabric Health dashboards return errors instead of displaying job and integration statuses:

Dashboards > Health Summary > SQL Job Status - Summary

Dashboards > Data Integrations > Data Integrations


These errors are caused by the use of the datetime format dd/mm/yyyy on the application server coupled with the input parameters StartDate and EndDate in these dashboard widgets being of type String instead of type DateTime. Consequently, when these datetime values are converted on dates after the 12th day of any given month, it returns an invalid datetime value in the ISO 8601 format.



Release : 6.5.4

Component : Dashboard


Modify the Input Parameter Setting of the d_startdate and d_enddate parameters to DateTime for both the SQL Job Status - Summary widget and the widget on the Data Integration tab.

  1. In the ICA console, navigate to Admin > Dashboards > Dashboards
  2. Navigate to Dashboards > Risk Fabric Health > Health Summary
  3. Right-click the Health Summary dashboard and select Unlock
  4. Confirm you wish to unlock this dashboard by clicking the Yes button
  5. Right-click Health Summary and select Edit
  6. Click the gear icon for the SQL Job Status - Summary widget
  7. In the Query Editor section, double-click the filter d_startdate under Input Parameters
  8. In the Input Parameter Settings window, change the Type from String to DateTime
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the filter d_enddate
  10. Click the Save button
  11. Click the Save button
  12. Click the SAVE AND CLOSE button
  13. Right-click the Health Summary dashboard and select Lock
  14. Confirm you wish to lock the dashboard by clicking the Yes button
  15. Repeat steps 3 through 14 for the Data Integrations dashboard