What are Broadcom's plans with Layer7 going forward as Red Hat terminated CentOS development.


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CA API Gateway


What are Broadcom's plans with Layer7 going forward as we are busy looking at the upgrade from 9.4.00 to 10.0, but this is a whole new VM that needs to be created with CentOS 7.7. while  Red Hat terminated CentOS development,



Release : 9.4 10.x

Component : API GATEWAY


This is currently being investigated. The decision was made to move to centos 7 a long time ago before this announcement was done  .

GW10 is using centos 7.0 and this will be supported to the end of 2024 .

If this means it will be Redhat is not know yet there are also other alternatives and development may also go to a more container based solution .

As GW 9.4 is running Redhat 6 or centos 6 which EOL already and 9.4 will be EOL later this year  , You have to upgrade to GW10 to be on a supported platform and Centos 7 is still supported to 2024