CA Deliver - CA Balancing 1.1 Compatibility with z/OS 2.4


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CA Deliver


The z/OS Compatibility Matrix shows CA Balancing 1.1 being compatible with z/OS 2.3, but not being compatible with z/OS 2.4.

Are there any other compatible versions available for CA Balancing?


Release : 12.2

Component : CA Deliver


CA Balancing 1.1 reached end-of-life in 2017 and will not be certified for z/OS 2.4 since z/OS 2.4 was delivered after the CA Balancing went end-of-life.

CA Balancing 1.1 was last certified for z/OS 2.3, before it went end-of-life.

There are no plans for continuing development of CA Balancing. 

While it cannot be said that CA Balancing 1.1 is supported or certified for z/OS 2.4, there have been no specific issues raised with running it under z/OS 2.4.