APM for SSO Agent not reporting


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


Installed APM for SSO 13.2.04 successfully on 8 Policy Servers, these servers run on RHEL6.10.  After installing, only 4 of the servers are reporting back SiteMinder metrics, the others are not reporting anything. 

Need help to find why these 4 are not reporting as expected. 



Release : 13.1

Component : APM Agents


There were two IntroscopeCAPIConfig.xml files.

One under /opt/CA/smuser/CA_APM/APM_FOR_SSO/config/ IntroscopeCAPIConfig.xml

And under /opt/CA/smuser/siteminder/config/ IntroscopeCAPIConfig.xml

In all 8 servers, there were two files. But APM for SSO looks at the xml file under siteminder/config.

After renaming the IntroscopeCAPIConfig.xml file under /opt/CA/smuser/CA_APM/APM_FOR_SSO/config/ and restarting all services, the APM for SSO Agent reported metrics.