Account in delete pending state is not being activated
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Account in delete pending state is not being activated


Article ID: 206637


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CA Identity Manager


After changing the account template associated to the account, the attributes related to profile didn't change.
Removing a Provisioning Role with the associated account template put the account in “Delete Pending” state - as configured.
When adding another Provisioning Role which should make the user active again, the account is still disabled with some of the attributes not being modified.
We expect the account to be re-activated with the user being set to enabled.


Release : 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Working as designed. DeletePending state is final and not meant to be changed into active


The Delete pending state feature is actually for deleted accounts that need to be kept for a certain time to meet business or regulatory requirements. There is no mechanism in place to switch an account from “delete pending state” to active. Therefore, once we set an account to a deletePending - the operation cannot be reversed and it cannot be made back into active mode.

At the same time, there are other options - for example, to keep the account on the endpoint and delete it only in the provisioning directory, however it would require to suspend the account before “deleting” it and active it when the user is back. Alternatively, we should never delete the user just suspend/active the corresponding accounts.