Is there a way to Bulk Purge records in a Custom Object
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Is there a way to Bulk Purge records in a Custom Object


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Is there a way to  Bulk Purge records in a Custom Object



Release : 15.8.1+



The delete command can be used to delete the custom object instance.

An NSQL gel script can be used to pull the instance IDs to be removed

You can then run the REST API in a loop to remove the ids returned from the NSQL Gel script

You may need to use api keys for authentication.


Object with API Attribute ID. The API Attribute ID will always be prefixed with "cust". 


You can go in after the fact and enable this for existing custom objects:

The system options > API Documentation URL > Other Resources showing the custom object and actions that can be performed, DELETE shown here. Note the Value for the custom instance ID 

Example of Postman REST using the Delete command. 

Clarity URL/ppm/rest/vi/cust<object name>/<custom instance id>. 


You can also use an external system with curl installed to make the DELETE statement, as long as the script can pass the api keys for authentication. 


curl -X DELETE --header 'Accept: application/json' 'https://<host>/ppm/rest/v1/custVehicles/5000002'  


Additional Information

Here is the product documentation on REST API.