Gen Supplied Functions Meaning / Functionality


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CA Gen


Documentation on the functionality on some Gen supplied functions.


Release : 8.6

Component : CA Gen Run Time, Blockmode


 TIRD2VW - Converts dates with value "00010101" (as read from DB2) into "00000000"
 TIRVW2S - Convert IEF Timestamp format to character ISO format.
 TIRS2VW - Convert character ISO timestamp to IEF Timestamp format
 TIRDAT2 - Support IEF date functions.  Converts number of days since December 31, 0000 to a date in YYYYMMDD format.  
 TIRDAT2I - Retreives a date for an IMS environment
 TIRVW2D - Converts date to view format
 TIRFCHR - Given an oinput number or numeric view, this routine will convert it to a character string and returns.
 TIRFDTTS - Date and timestamp format function
 TIRFNUMD - Date to number function
 TIRFNUM - Textnum - converts text to a number

 TIRFDDUR - Date duration function
 TIRVW2S  - Date format function
 TIRFDTEC - Datetextfunction