How to delete a populated/obsolete Endevor System
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How to delete a populated/obsolete Endevor System


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There is a need to remove an populated Endevor System from our Production environment(s).  It appears that there is a manual process to perform most of the backing up process, and then uses the archive to just backup the elements from said system. Is there a best practice for this process? 


Release : 18.0 18.1 

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


If the requirement is to keep the element within Endevor:

  1. Add an Archive environment to your C1DEFLTS tables
    • The Archive environment should have an entry stage 2.
    • The Archive Environment should not be mapped to any other Environment
  2. Define MCF files for the new environment
  3. Define Base/Delta Files for system you are transferring
  4. Clone your system with Subordinates in the Archive Environment 
  5. Transfer the elements from your PROD Environment to the new Archive environment that is not in the map and is only available to admin.
  6. Ensure that the elements you wanted are in the unmapped archive environment
  7. Delete the element from the Production System for this example. 

If having the ability to not browse/display the elements via Endevor the alternate option is to archive the elements to an archive file and delete them from Endevor after a set period of time.

The ARCHIVE statement writes the base level and all change levels of an Element to a sequential file (known as an archive data set). In addition, for Endevor ACM users, the ARCHIVE action writes the base level and all change levels of the Component List to the archive data set.  Use the ARCHIVE action to:

  • Maintain a backup copy of the Element source.
  • Delete the existing version of a particular Element from Stage 2.
  • Maintain an archive version of the Element source, that is, to maintain a version of the Element source outside of Endevor

Archive is available in batch only. Once an Element has been archived, COPY, LIST, RESTORE, and TRANSFER actions can be executed against the archive data set.

After the elements are all deleted from the system that is no longer need within Endevor, perform the below delete actions in this order:

  1. Ensure that no elements remain in the System being deleted
  2. Delete Processor Group(s) from the system being deleted 
  3. Delete Type(s) from the system being deleted 
  4. Delete Subsystem(s) from the system being deleted 
  5. Delete System