After completing a data transfer, iOS Devices devices subsequently enrolled in MDM do not show as running the the Management Console.


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


In certain cases after completing a data transfer from a previous iOS device, SEP Mobile will appear to be running on the device without issue, however the device will appear as not installed or not having completed the initial security assessment within the management portal.
This will happen under the following conditions:
  • SEP Mobile is integrated with an MDM solution such as Microsoft Intune.
  • The previous iOS device had SEP Mobile installed.
  • The user completed a data transfer from the previous iOS device to their new device prior to enrolling the new device into MDM.


The data transfer from the previous device carries unique identifiers for SEP Mobile along with the app. This can cause the management console to see the new device as being the same as the old device.


This issue can typically be resolved by removing SEP Mobile from the old device and re-enrolling it again through MDM.

To prevent this issue, it is recommended that users remove SEP Mobile from their old device before completing a data transfer.