Unable to use USM/UMP dashboard portal and get flash player error
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Unable to use USM/UMP dashboard portal and get flash player error


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Customers are unable to get into the USM dash board/ UMP portal after December 31, 2020 on UIM version 20.1 (and older versions).


Release : UIM 20.1 and Prior UIM versions

Component : UMP


The official discontinuance of support and distribution of Flash Player was on 31 December 2020, and the UIM versions prior to 20.3.X use Flash to support some administrative and operator functionality.

Because of the discontinuance of support and distribution of Flash Player, if customer has UIM version older than 20.3.X – they will be unable to use USM/UMP dashboard portal and get flash player error.


The official supported option is to upgrade to 20.3. See the documentation here: UNIFIED INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT - 20.3


An alternative was posted at the Communities site (Not Supported by Broadcom/UIM Technical Support): Adobe Flash Player EOL

(Note: Support does not provide support for making, correcting, or updating this customization, or any potential side effects.)


UIM upgrade to 20.3 (current GA version):

If you have UIM 9.X or 20.1 - you can directly go to the newer version UIM 20.3, check the upgrade path available for 20.3

For any Previous UIM version, you will have to upgrade to 9.X version and then upgrade to 20.3.X.

I encourage you to review the product documentation, and try first the upgrade on a lab/dev environment before trying in production.


Please check the UIM 20.3 compatibility Matrix before you upgrade.

Then, follow all the 4 upgrade steps in this link.

For OC (Operating Console) installation, follow this link.

The reference architecture has been changed for UIM 20.3. The previous UMP is not available after 20.1; you will need to upgrade your UMP server to Operating console using the OC installer when you upgrade from 9.x to 20.3.

In case if you did not have CABI (installation link) on the older version, that is required for the OC (until 20.3.2).

After you upgrade to 20.3 GA version - it will be recommended to install the UIM 20.3.1 and the OC 20.3.2 patch to have fix for some known issue on UIM 20.3.