Sub-Subobject Create Access Rights Missing at OBS Level
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Sub-Subobject Create Access Rights Missing at OBS Level


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The Project object has a custom subobject as well as a custom sub-subobject. There are OBS create rights both at the Project level and the subobject level. The create access to the Projects as well as the subsubobject instances are being limited with these access rights.

When similarly attempting to restrict the create access for the sub-subobject instances, there is no OBS create right at this level. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a subobject of the Project object called Subobject1
  2. Create a subobject of Subobject 1 called SubsubobjectA
  3. Under Administration OBS, create a new OBS (OBS1) and associate it with the Project object
  4. Create at least one unit (Unit1) on the OBS
  5. On the OBS list, select this OBS and click on the button to 'Use for Access Rights'
  6. Go to Administration - Resources
  7. Select any resource and go to the Resource's Access Rights tab - OBS Unit
  8. Click on add
  9. Look for the create right for the SubsubobjectA 

Expected Results: The OBS create right is available and is able to be selected for the subsubobject
Actual Results: The OBS create right is not available for the subsubobject 


Release : Any

Component : CA PPM Administration


Caused by DE59897


Fixed in 15.9.2 as DE59897

Workaround: Use the create right at the Global or Instance level instead.