I/O Error: Connection refused (Connection refused) when uploading Gateway patch


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CA API Gateway


When uploading a patch to the Gateway, we receive this message:

You have chosen to upload the patch named
Press [Enter] to continue

Please wait while the patch is uploaded ...
I/O Error: Connection refused (Connection refused)

There was an error while uploading the patch.
Press [Enter] to continue



The process controller needs to be running when applying a patch.

The documentation says that you need to stop the Gateway so some clients will run 'service ssg stop'.

This stops the Gateway AND the process controller.


Release : 9.2

Component : API GATEWAY


You need to stop the Gateway using the menu:

Select option 2 (Display Layer 7 Gateway configuration menu).
Select option 7 (Manage Layer 7 Gateway status).
Press Enter and then select the option to stop the Gateway.
Return to the Gateway main menu