Migrating SMF Director to new VTS
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Migrating SMF Director to new VTS


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Migrating SMF Director to new VTS; moving from IBM TS7720 to IBM TS7760

How to move SMF Director data/tapes to new VTS?



Release : 12.7



1) Run a TAPEINIT for all configurations so that new dumps will go onto new tapes in the new Tape System (TS). 

2) Run a BACKUP of the SCDS after the TAPEINITs

3) Change the configurations (if needed) to use the new TS.  If the esoteric name is the same, then this doesn't require any work.  Once this is done, SMFD can begin writing new SMF history files to the new TS.  


Once that's set up and running, the project of moving the older data begins.  

Run a LISTH report to get a list of all of the history files indexed in the SCDS.  From that, move the desired datasets to the new TS.  We recommend for ease of use, a 1-for-1 volume copy, meaning that all of the attributes of the files will be the same, other than the Volume Serial number. Once everything is migrated, generate UPDTX statements to change the VOLSER and, if necessary, the FILESQ number to the appropriate file # on the volume.  

Details on UPDTX are here

Once the statements are constructed, you can test some out by taking a BACKUP of the SCDS and use that to make a test copy of the SCDS. To make a test copy, allocate a new SCDS file and restore the BACKUP to that data set.  Once you run a few of the UPDTX statements, you should be able to perform an extract using the test SCDS to get the data from the new TS. Once you've confirmed that the UPDTX test works, run the full set into the test SCDS to ensure that everything works as expected. 

Follow this procedure when you're ready to update the production SCDS: 

1) Run a BACKUP of the production SCDS

2) Run the UPDTX statements and update the entries

3) Verify with some test extracts that the older SMF history is available

4) Once verified, run another BACKUP of the SCDS to capture the update


Additional Information

Recommendation: Try out the migration with a test SCDS before changing the production SCDS.  Just take a BACKUP of the SCDS and restore it to a different file as a test SCDS and try your migration plan out with that SCDS.