Group rules not working with regex
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Group rules not working with regex


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


CAPC ver

I'm trying to build some regional device component groups based on the 2 character state code.  The 'matches regex' option on the group rules does not seem to work with whitespace (\s) or word boundary (\b) regex options.

This works but matches state in other strings that we don't want like 16OH

^(ICMP Jitter:).*(OH|TN)

This does not work

^(ICMP Jitter:).*\b(OH|TN)

This does not work either.  

^(ICMP Jitter:).*\s(OH|TN)

Both of these work just fine in various online regex testers.  When I hit the Preview Results button on the Manage Groups page they just return "No Data To Display".



Release : 20.2

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


We use the regular expression (regex) so we can only support what mySql does. Currently it does not support the \s or \b

This expression can used it does use the \s or \b

^(ICMP Jitter:).*[[:space:]](OH|TN)