COMMON SERVICES: ERROR - ISV Product table build error


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CA Common Services for z/OS


Applying PTFs (SO07021, SO10688, SO13696, SO15859) to run the ISV SCRT JOB, customizing and running the JOB CAISCRT, getting the error:

ISV Product table build error. TAG dynamicproduct must be used within a Product Tag



COMMON SERVICES 15.0 - z/OS supported releases - 



The ISV SCRT report requires IBM's SCRT tool to be at 26.1.1 (released Feb 10, 2019) or higher.

The job sent in indicates that SCRT VERSION 25.1.0 was used. An upgrade must be done either by applying an IBM APAR or by manually downloading the tool from IBM.

The current version released by IBM is 28.1.2.





Additional Information

If there is nothing in the ISV SCRT report, make sure:

- The PTFs are applied on all LPARs that are running the products.

- The PTFs were activated following the instructions in the PTF's ENHANCEMENT ENABLEMENT text.

- The CAIRIM parm LMPAM is not set to NO (LMPAM=NO)

- The product has been used in the reporting period, as it will only create a record during an LMP check