High workload of work processes - Time critical DB calls: U00003525 UCUDB: ===> 'UPDATE OH SET OH_Ert
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High workload of work processes - Time critical DB calls: U00003525 UCUDB: ===> 'UPDATE OH SET OH_Ert


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Several times an hour, all work processes (WP) are using to 100% capacity. 

There are many time critical DB calls in the log files like this:

U00003525 UCUDB: ===> 'UPDATE OH SET OH_Ert = ?, OH_ErtTrend = ?, OH_LastRuns = ? WHERE OH_Idnr = ?'


Release : 12.2



This may happen when:

  • You run the same object several times in parallel and the executions finish all at the same time.

At the end of the run the ERT (Estimated Run Time) of the object has to be updated and the WPs doing this are trying to update the same OH object all at the same time.


There are 2 possible workarounds:

1. Set the parameter ERT_CALCULATION to BATCH. Now, you have to separately trigger the ERT calculation. This is done by running the DB Load Utility on the file UC_UPD_ESTIMATE_ERT.TXT (once a day or each x hours depending on the need for the ERT time to be updated.

See here: https://docs.automic.com/documentation/webhelp/english/AA/12.3/DOCU/12.3/Automic%20Automation%20Guides/help.htm#AWA/Variables/UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS/UC_CLIENT_ERT_Parameters.htm#link4

2. Change the problematic objects, if those can be identified (many parallel runs / end at the same moment). In the Runtime Tab of the object set ADAPTIVE (instead of UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS). Now, the ERT calculation will be handled by the JWPs. This way still need some DB actions but at least it will not block the normal WPs with update locks on OH.