How to update controller java version when old java_jre installed
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How to update controller java version when old java_jre installed


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How to update controller java version and ensure old java is removed?

Example scenarios:

- Security team reports violation due to older version (e.g. jre7)

- Antivirus or vulnerability scan flags outdated java.exe


DX UIM - any version

java_jre - any version



Follow these steps to update the java runtime environment in UIM:

Download and import the latest Java_JRE probe from the Support Archive. 

Drag and drop the imported package on the robot to change the java runtime environment.

Verify that the update is complete by checking the following values are updated to the appropriate version in the robot.cfg file depending on the java version deployed:

NIM_JRE_HOME = jre/jre8u402b06
NIM_JRE_HOME_1_8 = jre/jre8u402b06


Note: after deploying the java_jre package, it is a best practice to then restart the robot. Restarting the robot ensures that all the java probes deployed on this robot will use latest jre version.

Note: in some cases you may wish/need to manually delete the old java_jre folder (for example: jre8u212b04, or C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\jre\jre7\) located in the directory <UIM_Installation>\Nimsoft\jre 



Additional Information

note: the exact version string depends on the current version and will vary depending on which version of java_jre is in use.

8u402b06 is the latest version as of June 2024.

This can be found in the release notes.