What is the parameter in a query string of login.fcc?


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I want to know what are the meaning of parameters in a SiteMinder Protect URL.

For example: Please see the red words.


Could you tell me what do the words mean? or any document?



Release : 12.52 SP1



Here are the explanation for each parameter.

(1) TYPE: Contains the realm credentials bitmask returned by isProtected.

See PROBLEM DESCRIPTION of the Solution Document in the Additional Information.
- The TYPE parameter contains the decimal value of the bitmask

(2) REALMOID: Indicates the realm object ID that identifies the realm where the resource exists. This ID is may be used by third party applications to make calls to the Policy Server.

This corresponds to HTTP_SM_REALMOID described by the document in the Additional Information.
- Default HTTP Headers Used by the Product

(3) GUID: a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID). Identifies an authenticated user’s distinguished name for Anonymous Authentication Scheme.

(4) SMAUTHREASON: Contains the authentication reason of the request typically returned by an Sm_AgentApi_Login call.

See the document in the Additional Information.
- SMAUTHREASON reason code documentl

(5) METHOD: Contains the method used to originally make the request (such as GET or POST).

(6) SMAGENTNAME: Contains the agent name of the agent originally protecting the resource. If encryptagentname is set to yes the agent name value is encrypted.

(7) TARGET: Contains the URL that the authentication scheme should redirect to. In other words, it is the resource that a user wants to access.

Additional Information

The TYPE parameter contains the decimal value of the bitmask

Default HTTP Headers Used by the Product

SMAUTHREASON reason code document