Clone CA-Dispatch in different LPAR for disaster recovery
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Clone CA-Dispatch in different LPAR for disaster recovery


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Information on cloning Ca-Dispatch in a different lpar for disaster recovery testAny technical document on how to clone CA Dispatch to another LPAR.


Release : 11.7

Component : CA Dispatch


Cloning all of the Dispatch database files, LDS files and Libraries to the new LPAR is pretty simple. After a clean shutdown of all of the associated Dispatch tasks including Dispatch, CADZSPL & CADZSAP, run a pack backup type of utility that works based on the high level qualifier that you specify. Utilities such as ADRDSSU are good for this type of thing. You would then run it's counterpart (ADRDSSU) RESTORE over to the the new LPAR.

* KEY - When restoring/creating a DR clone system, the names of LDS files "MUST" remain the same!

* KEY - Running the ADRDSSU backup against both the LDS and database files at the same time is the best way to keep the database and LDS files in sync.

* KEY - The most important KEY to successfully moving everything is that the backup/restore process that you use restores everything to the SAME TYPE of DASD device (i.e. 3380 to 3380 OR 3390 to 3390), and that none of the DCB attributes (LRECL,BLKSIZE,RECFM,# of blocks allocated/initialized, etc...) get changed. I do not believe ADRDSSU will change any of the DCB attributes.

* KEY - The NAMES of the LDS files must remain the same.